Tiller Money

Benefits of using a financial software

Let’s review the Tiller Money sofware. But firstly let’s get into how the personal finance software helps you and benefits you.

Keeping budgets and managing money is not the easiest of things to do. More so with the range of financial instruments that are available to the consumer to secure his future and finance his needs. Financial software tends to keep track and help with the managing of budgets all the time. It must be worth noting that there is a range of software and apps available in the market. Some applications are free but there are also the ones you need to pay for.

But it stands to reason that some common points tie each of the financial applications together. While some financial apps tend to offer rather a specialized approach to keeping money, the generalists are designed to act as a jack of all trades most of the time.

Finance Software
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Vital points of financial software

  1. User-friendly interface: The first thing a user would notice is how financial software has a friendly user interface. This contrasts with the standard Excel sheet or the Google sheets that require knowing a certain number of formulae to use. They are not at all user friendly too. Most financial applications have a walk-through structure that allows the user to navigate easily from one template to the other, thus fulfilling the function of keeping tabs on spends.
  2. Better organized: Take any of the financial software, and it would be evident that the incomes and spends are organized under different heads. This improves the efficiency of cash management as it becomes easy to find where the money comes from and where it goes every day and month. A better organization brings better control over spendings.
  3. Increases confidence: Once a person starts to use a financial app, he will manage his finances better all the time. This increases the confidence of the individual in handling money. A notable feature with a number of applications is that they tend to hold webinars and classes to unlock the full potential of the user with better use of the features on the software.
  4. Goal setting: A powerful feature of most financial software is that it’s possible to set goals that need to be achieved. These are usually savings targets or debt reduction programs and the sorts. With a graphical representation of the user’s financial details, it becomes easy to keep track of the goals and stay motivated in their fulfillment.
  5. Fewer mistakes: People that use financial software of any kind tend to make fewer mistakes. They get alerts every time payments are due and when bills have to be cleared. Most financial targets have emails being sent well in advance to know when a payment is due and what amounts are due. This avoids fewer fines and fees as well as fewer mistakes.

It’s hard to find financial software that fits all the users’ needs all over the world. The right step is to use the one app that performs the most activities well and rely on it daily.

How Tiller Money works as a software application

With Tiller Money software, the power of spreadsheets is unleashed. The software downloads accounts and figures onto the Google sheets to help with their manipulation and working. It does work with Microsoft Excel sheets equally well. So, those folks who have acquired a mastery of the sheets benefit from using the sheets really well.

Once the data are downloaded onto the sheets, Tiller Money provides a set of standard templates to help handle the figures and numbers. These templates are pre-formatted and offer features that the standard spreadsheets don’t. The power of the software lies in being able to present the numbers in the desired format and to be able to work with it at will. The sheets have an auto-update feature that makes for a hands-free set of working.

How much does it cost?

It must be stressed that no feature of Tiller Money is free to use. With a price tag of $79 a year, the software application is available for the smartphone. With free software people often download the app and then dabble with it for a few months by entering data and then stop using it. When people use the paid version they tend to use it to the full extent.

Taking feature for feature to the dollar, there can be few applications that can surpass Tiller Money. Both for the convenience as well as the utility part of it. There is a 30-day trial use period that does not cost anything to use.

The simplicity of Tiller Money

To a lot of people, simple financial software is supposed to do miracles for them. It’s as though money can be made with these apps. Rather no. The application helps you to better control the money you make. It’s in balancing out a budget that defines a well to do person from someone in penury.

One of the most notable features of Tiller Money is that it is relatively simple to use. Those having mastery over spreadsheets need no further training to using the software most of the time. It’s also automated to a fair deal, which means that it is possible to update the sheets suitably after every transaction.

With this software you can expect flexibility and customization as well. Thus, the user can get to have the figures laid out as he would want it. Tiller Money is much more than spreadsheets. The dashboards and reports are worth looking into for the power they unleash onto the user.