TimeCamp is a software that keeps track of how people get to use their computers at the workplace. It is one of the most flexible ones in the market. It can often differentiate between working hours and the off-time workers have. Most importantly, the software does not burden the computer in any way and remains unobtrusively in the background.

TimeCamp is flexible to use

Some people might consider using software like TimeCamp as spying. Still, a difference has to be made from spying in that certain sensitive information like passwords are not recorded nor stored in the system. Often it has been noticed that just the very act of installing monitoring software is reason enough for the workers to perk up and spend their working times more efficiently.

Companies that install the computer monitoring software often, get to recover the cost within the first month due to increased productivity of the employees.

How does computer monitoring software work? 

Not all time monitoring software is the same. Some are more obtrusive than others, while there are some relatively benign programs as well. Listed out are the main desirable characteristics of a good computer monitoring system. The list is not exclusive, and some programs do offer more than what has been dealt with here.

Records system login name 

When an employee enters his system login name, the software captures the action and starts recording the activities. The login and log out of a system are essential to monitoring the system and lets out the time a person spends on the network. The login name also allows the monitoring system to recognize who has recorded his entry into the network.

Most importantly, when capturing a user’s login name, the system uses certain special functions to do so, and it is an essential record for keeping time on a user system.  

Choosing safe 

With most computer monitoring systems and time tracking systems, the keystrokes are stored, and you can retrieve this later on. A sound computer tracking system can differentiate the passwords entered from everyday work. It makes an effort to delete them from the conversation or the records. In this manner, the privacy of the user or worker is ensured.

The most advanced systems do not record the system login passwords as well for greater security.

Applications used in TimeCamp

Most time, tracking software captures the kind and different applications that a user uses during his working hours. It requires a certain sophistication. Most software minimizes the resources it uses up for this activity by restricting the recording to certain fixed intervals, which in the typical case is two or three minutes. Every two or three minutes, the monitoring software records the worker’s applications along with a screenshot.

Visited websites 

A good time tracking software does record the websites that an employee is accessing during his work hours. It is possible to keep track of and record the URLs that the user is visiting from time to time. You can often use the software to block out certain types of websites that could interfere with the offices’ efficient working. We must note that computer monitoring systems are not investigative tools nor spyware to record everything done by somebody. 

Thus, sensitive information like passwords is omitted out from its records most of the time.

What is TimeCamp? 

TimeCamp is a computer monitoring system and a time tracker software used to increase the productivity of a workspace. It is feature-rich software that takes care of most project management requirements that arise in the office and remote teams. It allows for the most efficient management of the team without going deeply into its micromanagement at all. So the monitoring software has an idea as to what everyone is up to. That is without actually getting to know the places they have visited during office hours.

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Features of TimeCamp 

Many features make TimeCamp one of the most preferred time tracking software available. Discussed in brief are the most salient and allow a deep insight into the application’s more good working.


The recording of time and activities are done automatically and never requiring a manual intervention most of the time. With the very first action, which is recognizing the login name, the session is being monitored. It is possible to access the records of how a person spends his time at work. Like a spreadsheet, every day or every month, depending on the management’s convenience.

TimeCamp reporting 

You can use more than ten templates to prepare reports at the end of the month or a suitable period set by the monitor. It sets out all the activities in time and makes for a complete record that can be used to manage projects better. So, in short, you can use the software for the broader project management goals more than anything.


With a non-intrusive working, TimeCamp is a hassle-free method of keeping track of how the project is heading and understanding the project’s standing at any time without having to get to the finer details with micromanaging. 

It thus makes for a great project management software and timekeeper as well. The timesheets enable the user to know how much each employee’s particular project is being spent on. It helps that TimeCamp uses a graphical interface to interact with the user using charts and diagrams to explain things in detail.


With TimeCamp, it is possible to keep track of the time the worker spends in the office or during the working hours that a remote worker spends on the computer. In a broad sense, project management software can help understand how each person on a project manages his time. The time tracking feature makes it usable in offices to keep tabs on the personnel’s activity at large.