These days it is as if everyone we know or someone we know is trading old clothes for money. There are several apps and software that helps with this, and Tradesy is one among them. There are some features about selling online and more so with clothes as has been listed out below.

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Picking the right platform  

We cannot stress the right platform enough. It saves a lot of money as often some of the high-end platforms charge a lot more than something more down to earth. Not just commissions alone, some applications would put conditions that a specific minimum purchase have to be made before shipping.

The usual mistake that most people commit is to consider secondhand clothes rather drab, far from it. Used clothes have their plus point, and there is never arguing that used garments last longer.

Ensure a minimum quality 

Just a single torn or worn-out clothing item in the wardrobe can mean people rejecting the entire lot of clothes you put up for sale. So, the secret to successfully selling clothes online is to stick to a minimum quality standard. Once a reputation has been made, it is easier to sell as people trust the seller more.

Good condition used clothes would sell out, and it is a matter of time alone. Why put up something substandard and spoil the whole collection.

Getting the picture right 

It is not everyone that can get to have professional photographers do the shoots. So the right approach is to get the camera position just right and get the best possible snaps of the used clothes. Buyers must understand that buyers have only a picture to look at and decide, which is not the easiest thing to do.

Pricing it right 

Old used clothes do have a market, and it is crucial more than anything else to get the price just right. Ask too high a bid, and people would be put off, and if the price is too low, people might not show any interest. It doesn’t take much to get the price right. A quick perusal of a similar listing would give the seller a good insight into what to expect for their merchandise.


People who buy from used online clothes sites are particularly keen on seeing that they are shipped just right. A lot of the platforms tend to give printed labels to use and standard packing to shipping. It varies from site to site, and those customers who stay far away from the seller would be best advised to check on the shipping method as far as possible before making a purchase.

How does Tradesy work? 

Tradesy is free to download the app that is available on the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store. There is also a website to use conveniently for those preferring the use of the larger screens. The buyer or seller would have to account on the platform either by using an email and password or the Facebook account.

Selling on Tradesy  

Selling used clothes on Tradesy involves taking a photograph of the piece and uploading it to the site. It is followed by picking out the prices that are suggested to the seller on the app. Often the past prices of similar pieces to yours would decide on the selling price of the product. Tradesy often claims that they would do the rest. The picture is edited to give it a professional and pleasant appearance, and the item is listed for sale.

Once the item is sold, a pre-addressed package box is sent to the seller for packing and dispatching the article under consideration. Payment is made by PayPal or direct band credit as soon as the buyer declares that the item is to his satisfaction.

Buying on Tradesy 

You can buy all sorts of women’s clothes, and that is what Tradesy claims. The items are purchased from the site and paid for using a credit card or PayPal account. The item is then shipped in the carton and received at the address. The buyer has to certify that it is as per the description given on the site. The payment is then credited to the seller.

Returns are possible on Tradesy and quite quickly too. The application claims a full refund when a buyer says he is not satisfied with the purchase.

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Features of Tradesy 

Every shopping app is bound to try and make shopping easy for both the seller and the buyer of goods, which is exactly what Tradesy does. The two features mentioned below are what sets the platform apart from the rest of the competition.  


Filters make it possible to search conveniently for clothing items. It is possible to set the different choices and search, thus leaving out the things that are of no interest to the customer. They can do filtering on brand, color, material, cost, and many more criteria.

Authenticity Check 

Tradesy claims that they have systems that ensure branded items’ authenticity with up to 99% accuracy. Although this figure is often disputed, it remains plain to the eye that efforts are being made to weed out the non-genuine items at the earliest. Thus, the customer has an assurance every time.


Of the different types of apps that deal with used clothing, some have made a deep mark in the market, and Tradesy remains one of the leading providers of used ladies ’ dress for some time now. In the past few people have found fault with the claim to have been providing some of the most authentic goods possible, and it is valid to a large extent.

Shopping online has its pitfalls, and Tradesy is no stranger to these practices either. The buyer would be advised to check the item as thoroughly as possible before committing to a purchase. True, there are cashback promises, but it always pays to be sure the first time around.