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More Reviews Review Review – Both Cons and Pros gives individualized learning solutions to students through various collaborations like universities, colleges, K-12 schools, and libraries. This online tutor service is available for over 200 subjects. It was acquired by the reputed ‘The Princeton Review’ that aids thousands of students in the United States. The website can be useful for students who are aiming to get admission to a higher education institution. It is like a bridge between the students and experts online. In this review article, we discuss various aspects of this website.

Many students use The Princeton Review to prepare for tests, research universities, or get college rankings. The Princeton Review family backs Their website is confusing. It isn’t easy to find what services it offers. The Princeton review has its models and plans for providing tutoring services. The Princeton Review mainly focuses on higher education areas and, whereas is for students looking to get higher grades before attending college. Review

Signup Process

You can search the website for the topics you want to learn. It takes you to a webpage having information about the tutors, but the view is restricted if you have not signed up. does not provide information about the tutors or their specializations unless one signs up for the website and creates a profile, unlike its competitor Wyzant. Once you signed up, you will get a free tutoring session with

Students who are part of the military fraternity are given free tutoring by that makes stand out from the group. Many students enroll in the Reserve Officer Training Corps Program. If they have a parent working in the military or want to continue their education after completing their national defense duties, is the ultimate solution.

After signing up, you can have the list of plans and pricing available to you on the website. The pricing page is difficult to comprehend and confusing, like and The Princeton Review websites. The pricing is structured the same as its parent organization, The Princeton Review. Review of Subscriptions

There are two categories of plans available:

  • Subscriptions are based on a fixed number of hours per month. It starts at a monthly payment of $39.99 for 1 hour per month.
  • You can utilize a one-time payments option for a fixed number of hours within six months.
  • The service also provides a student choice to add tutoring hours up to 10 hours per month when choosing a subscription.

It’s not the cheapest choice available, but also not the most pricey. In some cases, the hourly rate is about $40, which is comparatively low.
The minimum duration for a session is one hour. It can raise the overall cost if multiple sessions are needed to study.

One should look at as an investment rather than a short-term solution as it offers a Good Grade guarantee. In essence, the Good Grades guarantee is a money-back guarantee, possibly worth hundreds of dollars. But with several perquisites and requirements. Review

Conditions listed on the website

  • You must work with the tutors for a total of 120 minutes per month to qualify for the guarantee each month of the six consecutive months for the subject you want to cover by the guarantee.
  • You must be a student studying between grades 6 to 12; enrolled in an approved private, public, charter, parochial school in the United States to qualify for the guarantee.
  • You must be a student in schools from 6 to 12, registered with an approved public, private, parish, or charter school in the United States, to qualify for the guarantee.
  • You have to take the same course for six months or switch from a natural prerequisites course without any break in between longer than one summer to qualify for the guarantee.
  • Student need to be between 10 to 19 years of age and not be qualifying under the Individualized Education Program (IEP) under the Americans with Disabilities Act or have any learning disability.

Moreover, you can’t carry forward and add the unutilized hours to next month’s quota. It can be a drawback for the students who are unable to consume their tutoring hours.

Many families have mixed reactions to the services of, considering it to be a significant investment. While families and students who pay a reduced rate or get service for free have low risk, a considerable number of families spend hundreds of dollars on improving their grades. They are not all happy. Despite the promise of high standards, has fewer favorable customer feedback than their competition like Skooli or Chegg Tutors. There are also concerns about the tutors themselves, who are inexperienced in the subjects they teach. Review of Transparency

We were unable to find the process about how they assess the tutors before they recruit, while other websites are keenly featuring their vetting process on their website. There is less transparency which does not give much confidence to subscribe to There are too many negative reviews regarding the service, and therefore, we can not confidently suggest

We found no evidence in our research that the online tutoring platform provides students with any learning aids or tools. So it is a basic tutoring service rather than an upbeat one.

In general, is not a bad service. Some good tutors work for the site, while they also record the negative experiences from both parents and students. It provides generous cost savings and packages through businesses, libraries, and schools for military families and has exclusive rates. For this reason alone, if you are a high school student parent, it’s worth considering. For younger students, we do not find to be the best choice.


  • Military families get free tutoring service while there are offers which reduce the cost for other institution.
  • The Princeton Review backs the service.


  • Users have mixed reactions and results with online tutors.
  • Unutilized hours are not carried forward to the next billing cycle.
  • Confusing offers and poorly designed website.


The website of does not clearly state what it offers to students. But ambiguously mentions that the service assists students to get better scores in schools by on-demand and scheduled teaching. Students must fill out a questionnaire with their school’s name for more detail, including costs, as has special rates and collaborations, depending on the college. Review

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