UpVoice Review


Ever thought of wanting to make some extra income from what you get at the end of the month?

In our day-to-day technology, you find that we have online sites that you can sign up, get tasks to do a and your time is compensated by earning some dollars. 

Doing surveys is one of the tasks you can do and get rewarded. Surveys are just questionnaires that market research companies provide to collect opinions from participates, and through this, they get to improve their products and make sales.

These sites do reward participants in various ways eg via Paypal, amazon gifts card, shopping vouchers, and many others. 

Is that not a simple task? Give it a shot!

Surveys you can apply for

Below is the list of survey sites you can sign up for:

  1. Swagbucks
  2. survey junkie
  3. Toluna
  4. Prizerebel

Passive income earnings

Just to mention but a few. We also have sites where you can have passive income earnings.

Ever heard of this?

It is not a new term in the industry because several people globally have participated in the sites and have nothing to regret about.

Here are examples of passive income sites.

  • UpVoice.
  • Mobile Xpression.
  • Turo
  • Honeygain.
  • Dosh.
  • Savvy connect.

What is UpVoice?

In today’s article, we are going to discuss UpVoice and its reviews.

So far, so good, right?

Looking at UpVoice as one of the sites where you can earn dollars from it, we realize that the site is legit as well. 

Various sites may seem legit, but after you have participated in some tasks on the platform, they refuse to compensate you, making the site a scammer.

No one wants to be scammed, let’s research more and check the reviews as well before signing up on these online platforms.

UpVoice was established quite some time back, and the firm has been having positive results on and off.

Such impressing feedback to note, is it?

UpVoice is a market research community. Various companies/firms use this platform to get feedback as well as opinion from the participants.

How to become UpVoice member?

To become a member you need to sign up on the UpVoice site.

Great rewards are waiting for you there. This is how the site looks like:

Source @UpVoice

Does the site look colorful and attractive? The branding is just super!

We find that UpVoice is a passive earning income platform and it also has surveys for the members to participate in. This means that companies use UpVoice as a platform to get an opinion on the products and services they have to improve their productivity.

Everyone in the business industry wants to make big sales and also come up with quality products for the customers.

UpVoice – Three step process

On every site, they highlight how the site/app works so that as you get started in the signing up process, you are familiar with the site and also what to expect after signing up. When it comes to the UpVoice app, the process is just three steps:

  1. Sign up is the first thing you need to do in every site you want to do. The site requires your details to feed on the system before proceeding with any other process.
  2. Install this site requires members to download an app on windows and continue with the registration. The process takes only a few minutes, and you are perfectly good to go.

    When working on other sites which don’t require app installation, you sign up on the site and start getting surveys to working on depending on the details and profile you have created. After filling in the details, a confirmation email is sent for most sites, and you need to click on the link sent to activate the account.

      3. Earn this is the best and final part of the registration. Here you will start receiving your earnings. In this platform, you get to earn tokens by browsing the websites. The good thing about UpVoice is that they have a bonus reward gift as soon as you sign up.

Hurrah! That’s a good warm welcome bonus from the app.

In this era of technology, the majority of the population has access to the internet on a daily basis. Installing this application on the windows extension is a great advantage because as you continue with your normal browsing activities.

How much can you earn from UpVoice?

There are various social media platforms that we visit each and every day. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc., when enjoying the platform, tokens top-up increases.

The platform talks about paying the panel $75 per year. Is that not good money to pocket without struggling much? Nobody doesn’t need cash for his/her upkeep. Take advantage of this app, know that it is in existence and earn cash.

Once you have started earning and you want to redeem the points that you have earned, we have methods that you can use to receive the payment at your convenient time. We have E-gifts such as amazon, Walmart, visa cards, and many more.

The good thing about the UpVoice app, the threshold is minimal meaning, if you have generated 600 tokens, you will be able to redeem them as 10$ USD via gift cards and enjoy your earnings. You can also increase your chances of earning by participating in surveys.


Remember, this is a market research community, so various companies use this platform for advertising their products and waiting for the panel to take over and share the opinion about the product.

On sharing our details online as we sign up to this site, we need to be very careful about whom we share details with. Here at the UpVoice app, the information that you give while signing up remains confidential, no sharing with the third party.

Not forgetting about the customer service that they offer. They respond very fast to any queries. Thumbs up!

Finally, UpVoice is an app to try out, and you will like the outcome later. The reviews and testimonies will absolutely push you to try it out.