Why use Vincere? The field of recruitments has seen a lot of competition. It is hardly surprising that some people have taken advantage of the situation to deliver some of the most useful and innovative recruitment software possible. 

There are no doubt advantages to using automated processes to the long drawn out procedures like workforce management. 

It stands to good reason that Vincere has been one of the leading providers of solutions to the recruitment field and several causes.

Vincere is a perfect recruitment platform for your agency

Vincere Improves communication 

When companies recruit people, it is natural that many messages are sent to and between the different people involved in the process. In addition, with recruitment software, it is possible to automate a large part of this communication to become more efficient for the most parts. Simultaneously, it is essential to have a fast response time both at the candidate level and the agency level. It is also important to keep the potential candidates in the loop and changes that are taking place in the processes.  

Vincere Improves Data Collection 

In recruiting, a large number of details are to be collected from the candidates and the employers. A package like Vincere helps automate this data collection so that it helps with a more streamlined process. Applications to a vacancy can be sourced from many sites, including job boards and the company website. Furthermore, you can use the collected data to analyze and improve the recruitment system. It will make it more responsive and controlled at the same time.  

Get Best Matches 

This could be the single most advantage of using recruiting software like Vincere. It ensures that the best possible candidates for a vacancy are gathered together. The best among them are taken in for the job. The software weeds out the time-wasters and non-starters. That way, it ensures that only the candidates’ cream is left for the final consideration. It is advantageous for the right candidates, as it often eradicates unnecessary competition from the processes.

Features of Vincere 

When it comes to Vincere’s uses and its main attraction, few people who have got to use the software would deny that it has some of the most futuristic features possible in recruiting software. Some of the most telling points are discussed below.

Candidate Management 

There is a fair degree of automation when it comes to candidate management. Regular emails and reminders are sent without human intervention. It can only work in favor of those using the software. It is possible to import resumes, post on job boards, and message candidates in autopilot mode as far as possible.

Once the candidates to a position are identified, they can be further filtered down by applying a set criterion. Searches can be done on the databases, too after using certain filters to keep only the most suitable candidates in the reckoning. Once a position falls vacant, Vincere matches the different candidates in the database. That helps them to find the most suitable one and all in the auto mode. Key information based on the keywords used are extracted from each resume in the database.


The candidate portal streamlines modes of communication and enables the potential candidates to apply for suitable jobs. With the software, it is possible to publish jobs across multiple sites by the recruiters. The integration of the email platform facilitates easy communication with applicants and helps send automated notifications too.

Gone are the days when instant messaging meant a phone call. Social media use to communicate with participants in a recruitment drive ensures that software applications like Vincere are here to stay and prosper. Not only is communication cheaper, but it also tends to be faster as well.


We must say that even in the best of times, onboarding of candidates is a challenging issue. Certificates and experience have to be verified. It does wonders to the recruitment process that the software used by agencies can help out with the process. There is a facility to do a pre-screening of candidates that is based on assessment capabilities.

There are instances when a physical onboarding might not be possible or even feasible to do. In such circumstances, the most usable option is to use recruiting software. Some of the market leaders in applications for manpower agencies like Vincere tend to have strong onboarding facilities and are preferred by the client companies.


Recruiting or the placement of people must not be seen as a one-off activity but a continuous process that does not end with the filling in a vacancy. It is important to establish relations to use software so that lines of communication are kept open right through.

The reports that Vincere produces are some of the most comprehensive possibles within a software program used in recruiting people. It presents the various parameters that decide on the suitability of the candidate as a graphical representation. The reports go deep into managing the manpower recruitment agency and ensures that the employer understands the metrics of the job market. More than just matching demand and supply of manpower, Vincere helps predict future recruiting trends.


What needs to be stressed with each software used in recruiting people or the running of manpower agencies is that each one has its own strong points all the time. It is the vital aspect of an application that keeps people wanting to use it even more. Thus, Vincere’s robust performance features would keep the platform’s present users happy and attract more users to it.

Vincere is what the future has in store for the user as far as recruiting software is concerned. It helps better communications, lower costs of use, and ensures that hiring people is speeded up.

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