Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout: Comparison & Review


Who doesn’t know Amazon? Amazon is the most prominent online marketplace in the world. Whatever it is you want: from books to devices, and even to a custom necklace from Bangladesh, you can find it all here.

Selling on Amazon is not as easy as you might anticipate. It is a pretty straightforward process to build your store and list your items. However, competing against millions of sellers offering a similar product like yours can be quite daunting. How do you gain an advantage in such a competitive market?

Fortunately, we can help you with this. We are going to look at two prominent services that can help you identify, procure, and sell products successfully on Amazon. These apps are Viral Launch vs Jungle Scout.

It was quite challenging for us to pick one of Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout because both are quite capable options if you are looking to get into selling on Amazon. However, after we explored the features and capabilities of each software, we came up with a recommendation we’ll share with you. In addition to feature information, we will look at their pricing plans.

Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout: Comparison & Review
Selling on Amazon is not as easy as you might anticipate.

Viral Launch

The thing you should understand is that when you use Viral Launch, you are seeking Market Intelligence. Market intelligence involves a wide range of activities. These activities help you make sense of market data and use the conclusions it provides to make smart decisions. Viral Launch is a useful tool for Amazon analytics. If you understand these analytics well, you will increase the profits you make on your Amazon Store whether you’re starting or are already proficient.

Product Discovery

If you have been selling online for a while, you understand the importance of selling the right product. What Viral Launch does for you is help you identify a gap or an underserved need to identify a winning product. This feature is the most crucial for Viral Launch. Product Discovery enables you to find untapped markets. If you want to get into Amazon, you need this kind of information before deciding on what to sell. The right product can make or break your Amazon sales career. Viral Launch gives you information on product opportunities early enough. It provides you with Real-time historical data which you will use to estimate your prospective sales. Also, this information can help you identify which areas to go into and which to avoid.

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence isn’t quite like product discovery. Instead, if you are already selling on Amazon, you will need Market Intelligence more than any other feature. Market Intelligence gives you more information on the products you and your competitors are selling. Viral Launch analyses Amazon trends and gives you information that helps you determine where the market is heading. You can view the information on its own, or analyze it in terms of trending sales and prices. The tool also helps you calculate the investment you’ll need for a particular product. With your market intelligence and investment calculated, you can quickly and accurately estimate how much profit you’ll make.


Viral Launch also invests in SEO. SEO is what you commonly know as Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the science of making web pages more appealing to search engines and causing them to rank highly among search results. Depending on the content of the webpage, it can either rank high or low on search engines. Keywords are the vital metric that increases the rank of a page. The Viral Launch keyword tool searches for the best keywords for your products. Using filters such as relevancy analysis. This keyword tool gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors on keywords. This change alone could propel your sites to new heights. The tool also comes with a listing builder for free. With the list builder, you get a list of the most important and current keywords for your product area.

Viral Launch also helps you with keyword management. Keywords are essential for your website, but using them poorly won’t help you much. Their keyword manager enables you to analyse your keywords and place them in the most optimum locations on your digital content. You then implement the keyword strategy according to the results of the analysis. After you use your keywords in your digital content, the manager also analyzes data collected from the success of the keyword. A list analyzer periodically goes through your list of keywords. the tool helps you find upgrades that you can make to your list of keywords.

Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout: Comparison & Review
Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout

Competitor Intelligence

This tool performs a reverse lookup function which provides insight into your competitors. It uses the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) to find out information on your competitors. To use this tool, you enter a product ASIN into the Viral Launch interface. It will then provide you with competitor information on sales, prices, reviews, and more. This tool also gives you a list of their best keywords and those they aren’t using as much. With this analysis, you can tailor your keywords and modify your product description to meet the needs of your frequent customers. You will also receive updates when your competitors make changes to their prices and any other metrics.

Competitor intelligence is also about the in-depth analysis of products, and a comparison of products. Comparisons can help you know what to improve on.

Kinetic PPC

Amazon’s Pay Per Click program is one of the most lucrative forms of advertisements if you execute it strategically. Kinetic PPC is the newest product from Viral Launch that deals with this area. With Kinetic PPC, you can control the outcomes and maximize gains from your ad strategies. This automated platform makes it easy for you to create your own rules. It also lets you choose whether to allow specific rules to run automatically or approve each other as they execute.

While PPC is good, it remains separate from your leading sales. Kinetic PPC helps show a comparison between your organic sales and sales generated from paid traffic. You also get analysis on how each of your products is performing.

Once you’ve set up for PPC, you get help for your first five automated products. You also get a research tool for keywords and a tracker for your sales.

Jungle Scout

To help you maximize sales and have the best product research, Jungle Scout gives you two tools. These tools are the actual Jungle Scout software and a Chrome extension. Let’s look at the Jungle Scout web app first.

Product Tracking

This tool is essential if you already have products selling on Amazon. The product tracker helps keep track of sales for any period. You also get updates on the state of your inventory, meaning you will receive notifications when you are about to run out of stock. Adding products to the tracker is easy. If you are using the Chrome extension, all it involves is one click on a link. You can also directly search for products on Jungle Scout. You can analyze trends over time is essential, and you can also calculate the total revenue generated. You get these feature with the product tracker as well.

Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout: Comparison & Review
Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout

Product Search and Database

This feature provides a simple searching service. You can make custom filters for searching or use keywords. You can also search for products by category. This tool is handy for research and saves you lots of time. Jungle Scout Web App also allows you to view search trends on Amazon. Knowing what people are searching for could point you to where there is high demand. With this information, you can drive sales and do better advertising. It helps you build better listings with rich keyword densities that rank high during searches

The underlying structure that makes products searchable is a product database. This database contains millions of products from Amazon. When you conduct searches for products, you also use an Amazon fee calculator. Most products have additional fees imposed by Amazon attached to them. Using the search tool, you get a comprehensive breakdown of all the information about a product. Lastly, you can save your custom filters, and export search results to a spreadsheet.

Keyword Scouting

Keyword scouting on Jungle Scout has a foundation on real-world scenarios. Lists present you with what Amazon users search for the most. You can have as broad or as narrow a list of keywords as you want. The keywords used by your competition can enlighten you on what to do. Keyword Scout provides competitor keyword breakdown as well. With this data, you have all the leverage you need to take your products to the next level.

There is a listing builder available to help you maintain a decent record of keywords. Most of the time the listing builder will recommend the top keywords found during searches.

Supplier Sourcing

You don’t have to spend much of your time searching for reliable suppliers. Jungle Scout has created a supplier database featuring suppliers from all over the world. The records of their sales volumes validate these suppliers. You can also look at all of their confirmed shipments to be sure that the supplier is legitimate. Suppliers are in categories where you can easily search and navigate for them. You can find suppliers by name, or brand, or name of the products they sell.

Niche products are unique and require more attention than regular products. The supplier database shows you all the information about a niche product. It also adds information about similar suppliers and those willing to supply lesser quantities.

You can compare suppliers using the supplier tracker. You can review quotes to see which supplier offers the most value. The supplier tracker does more, however. It also manages the contact details of your clients and orders of purchase.

Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout: Comparison & Review
Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout


Launch is the newest product from Jungle Scout. It is primarily a marketing feature that enables you to boost sales. You can launch products and then do targeted marketing through emails and other campaigns. The main thing Launch tries to encourage is direct communication between you and your customer. E-mail Marketing indeed boosts sales up to eight times more. You can have automated emails at every step of the purchasing journey. This communication keeps the bond between you and your client secure.

Launch is a paid feature. The amount of money you pay is dependent on the confirmed orders per month on your account. The final cash also has to wait on a seven-day trial period. Whatever plan you happen to land on will include all the other products from Jungle Scout. You will have your product tracker, your list builder, and all the rest.

Chrome Extension

It is quite unfortunate that this extension is only available for Chrome as it is convenient. The extension enables you to view data from products from a general perspective. You also have a direct connection to Amazon. In one go, you can search, estimate sales, and create projections of profitability.

The extension also comes with a product validator of sorts known as the AccuSales Analysis Engine. The AccuSales Analysis Engine offers you all the data you need, both historical and predictive. With this data, you can tell if your product will be profitable.

You can also conduct product searches on the extension.

The extension, in combination with the JungleScout app, provides all the tools you’ll need to hack it on Amazon.

Pricing Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout

JungleScout have a 14-day return policy on all their packages. You can use either the web-based app or the browser extension. Jungle Scout estimates your costs based on the number of monthly orders you receive on your Amazon Seller Central Account. Once you choose which product, you’ll go for, you have to sync it to your Amazon account. For a user with between 0 and 500 monthly orders, Here are the costs:

The web-based application costs $39 monthly. However, if you opt to let Jungle Scout bill you annually, the price is $468. The number of orders you can make caps at 500 per month on this package. The Chrome extension provides you with useful product research on your browser. It costs less, at $19 per month or $120 yearly. JungleScout recommends that you buy the two products in one package. If you do so, the cost is $49 every month, and $588 annually.

For higher amounts of orders, the cost you have to pay changes. The pricing page on the Jungle Scout website has a neat calculator for all classes of orders. You’d do well to confirm your costs there before making any purchase.

Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout: Comparison & Review
Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout

Viral Launch

For all their plans, Viral Launch guarantees dedicated support, integration, and data analysis. Their pricing model does not depend on the number of orders you have every month. Also, if you pay annually, you get two months free.

Beginner Plan

It costs $50 every month. It comes with competitor monitoring through the reverse ASIN tool. They also offer product discovery and general market intelligence.

Pro Plan

This plan aims for users who already have a brand and want to see it grow. It costs $89 every month. In addition to the beginner tools, you also get a keyword manager and a list builder and analyzer.

Brand Builder

This feature goes for $125 per month. You get the same tools as you do in the pro plan, but the number of products you can search for is more. For instance, on competitor analyzing you get 100 products, a higher number than in the pro plan.

Kinetic Plan

This plan is for established brands looking to increase their sales. It costs $208 every month. Again, the tools on offer are the same, but the number of products is more than in the brand builder package.

Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout: Comparison & Review
Source the products for your warehouse using product research

Conclusion Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout

Viral launch VS Jungle Scout are pretty much equal in all aspects. They both offer the fundamentals of product research on Amazon. You can track sales, do keyword research, and analyze your competitors. They both also allow you to sell unique products.

Jungle Scout have a pretty decent Chrome extension and Web app while Viral Launch have the Kinetic platform for PPC optimization. Both companies offer customer support on equal levels, and there is plenty of online resources to help you get started.

In this analysis, we prefer Jungle Scout. It has unparalleled capabilities. It is also has a broad audience that uses it, and this community is quite resourceful. Not only are their features accessible, but they are also the most affordable option of the two.

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