What is VIVAHR?

One of the common mistakes that HR consultants make is to look in the wrong places for candidates or even hiring the wrong kind of person. The typical recruiting software looks to find the most people suitable for a given position. It needs to fill it with just the right person as soon as possible. Furthermore, with the typical recruitment drive being split into smaller steps, it helps to have just the app to combine all the processes under a single roof. That’s precisely what VIVAHR tends to do.

VIVAHR helps you find the right person for your job

There are numerous advantages to using software to automate the hiring process at agencies. Some of the better-known ones are listed out below.

Analyze Sourcing 

If a particular HR consultant keeps failing to produce the right candidates. Either that or often the agency’s choice is the wrong type of person for a job. The next step would be to analyze the sourcing policies of the consultant. 

A software like VIVAHR can help bring out the source of each of the applicants that do apply to a particular position. It makes it possible to correct the sources or the ways candidates are sourced if the need arises.

Engaging Posts 

When a job requirement is listed out on the media, it is essential to keep candidates interested in the positions that have come up. With an application like VIVAHR, it is possible to have very engaging posts across platforms that engage and get applicants to respond to the queries. Unless the applicant is attracted to a particular position, applying to the same is relatively remote. In the long run, this could mean lesser people are taking the posts of the consultant seriously.

Available around the clock 

The typical recruitment software is online 24×7 without a break. It would mean that the people managing the recruitment can access the software from anywhere at practically anytime. All the details of a particular HR recruitment drive would be at hand in no time at all. This approach often helps companies and employers seeking candidates from across the world. The convenient work timing would be hard to arrive at in this case. 

Features of VIVAHR 

Every software vendor intends that the solution that they offer should be far superior to what is available in the market. It very much sums up how the recruitment software market works as well for the most parts too. A product like VIVAHR has some solid operational points. It often works to the advantage of the HR consultant to play to its strength most of the time.  

VIVAHR Candidate Management 

This feature starts from the moment resumes are received at the consultant’s processing center and is operational till the candidate is onboarded into the company. With VIVAHR, it is primarily an automated process that seeks to leave the person handling the management free for other activities. At the same time, enough control must be placed with the operator to intervene in the active participation of the work.  

Interview Management 

Once the initial list of candidates has been shortlisted for interviews, then the interview management takes over. Here call letters are sent out to the people shortlisted, and a trace started for individual applicants that come into the system. The interviews’ results are tabulated in the design, and a final list is prepared to offer call letters finally. Although efforts have been made on VIVAHR to automate the process, sufficient control is left with the operator to control it.


A further assessment has to be made after a potential candidate has been put through the interview. There is a study of the entire list of people applying for a position. The software does this study. Some parts of the assignment need to be elaborated, whereas the others need a precursory glance. But it is possible to make an in-depth assessment of how a candidate can fare at the job and under the most trying conditions.

Job Posting 

An HR consultant would post a job on social media or print media and as quickly as is possible. With VIVAHR, we must say that it follows a fair bit of automation, ensuring that the job posting is done rapidly and seamlessly. It is also possible to have a broad exposure with many media types being targeted for the posting. It ensures that the most significant number of candidates get to know the opportunity and apply for the position.


It is always vital for any recruitment software to be strong on customer relationship management. It could be with email messages that ensure each step of the recruitment is documented for the client. After all, the client gets to pay for the services being rendered. Its ways pay to be on top of client relations.

Chat Functionality 

One of the plus points of social media is the chat functionality that it affords the participants. With VIVAHR, it is possible to have chats with the back office for the clients and the applicants so that it opens up a mode of communication for people to get in touch with. There are also some very interactive chatbots deployed with makes this a hands-free set of operations.

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Why use VIVAHR?

When picking just the right recruitment software to use, there are many choices. VIVAHR comes out as being user friendly and easy to use more than anything else. The well spread out dashboard only makes work smoother and simpler. All matters considered, this is a winning software application for the kind of reach it gives the recruiters to the applicants and the broad acceptability within the industry.