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VNC VS TeamViewer (2019) Features & Pricing

VNC and TeamViewer are both remote desktop solutions that aim at bridging the gap between the consumer and service providers, especially business that provides Saas. Furthermore, remote desktop solutions are also ideal for customer support, especially in the IT industry, where things can get too technical to be solved via phone. Or maybe you want to access something on your home computer quickly while you’re away from home. Applications are many.

TeamViewer has been the most popular remote desktop solution owing to the earlier entry in the market in 2005. But earlier entry does not mean any better performance in real-world situations. If you are confused about which is best suitable for your needs, then you are in the right place. We are going to look at the two – VNC and TeamViewer – and help you crack the code on who wins this race for remote access and support software.

Summary: VNC vs TeamViewer

Both VNC and TeamViewer have accrued some good customer ratings over the past as one of the best remote access and support software. However, they cannot be equal when you put them together. VNC is cheaper and is most suitable for small business that finds TeamViewer a pricey alternative. TeamViewer is great – packs a ton of features aimed at offering the best remote desktop solution. 

But its price can hectic for small businesses or startups. In this comparison, VNC is the winner. VNC offers just enough for the price and has no issues reported so far, only recommendations. VNC lacks a bit of functionality baked in TeamViewer which proves to be useful for large businesses and corporations. So large corporations better opt for TeamViewer instead.

VNC VS TeamViewer (2019) Features & Pricing
Laptop and monitor on a table

VNC and TeamViewer Features

What you get is what matters. Of course, we cannot assume various factors that you have thrown in the mix to make your choices. But we recommend going for the best of the best based on your needs. Here are the various features offered by VNC and TeamViewer.

VNC features

1. Intuitive remote control

With inherent remote-control capability, you can be able to use available local control tools rather known as input devices like your keyboard or your mouse to control the remote desktop/PC like they are a part of it. It allows you to even utilize keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+C (Copy) and Ctrl + V (Paste). You can even copy and paste text to and from either the local or the remote desktop. For displays, with touch screen support, you can also bank on it to control the remote desktop.

2. Cross-platform support

VNC Connect supports more than just one platform. It supports PC to PC connection and even mobile to PC connections. Platforms supported by VNC include the following; Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS, and Android. Furthermore, you can also install the software on UNIX operating systems too.

3. Direct and cloud connectivity

VNC offers both direct and cloud connectivity. That means the software allows you to connect directly with a remote desktop without having to configure anything. With VNC, no more need for VPN services or the technical port-forwarding and firewall configuration which are often insecure.

4. File sharing

File Sharing capability in VNC Viewer enables the transfer of files between the local desktop and the remote desktop. The file transfer can be performed in both ways; either from the remote desktop to the local one or from the local PC to a remote desktop.

5. Unattended access

This feature is primarily applicable to administrators or customer support team that want to sort out issues on a remote desktop without needing a user on the other end. It is also suitable for personal use when you want to access your home PC remotely from work.

6. Remote file printing

Instead of having to copy files from your remote computer to your local desktop VNC allows for remote printing. You can directly connect a remote PC to a printing machine and print directly. 

7. Secure connection

VNC Connect has implemented an end-to-end encryption technology for secure connection to remote desktops. The software has implemented the 256-bit AES encryption technology. Other security features available in VNC include multi-factor authentication, granular access control, single-sign-on (SSO), and rich session permissions.

8. Multilingual support

As per now VNC Connect only supports French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese as well as English.

9. Text chat

With chat support, users can be able to chat as long as VNC is running on the background. It allows either a VNC server to chat with a VNC viewer or with other VNC Viewer users connected at the same time. But keep in mind that Chat support is not available on Android, iOS, or Chrome-powered devices.

VNC VS TeamViewer (2019) Features & Pricing
Laptop and desktop screen setup @lamicall_official

TeamViewer features

1. Remote control

Like VNC Connect, TeamViewer also lets you control the remote desktop like your right in front of that computer. You can control the cursor using the mouse on your end and even utilize keyboard inputs for easy input of instructions.

2. Live preview

Live preview helps one view what remote users are viewing in real-time. This feature is mostly applicable for remote presentation sessions.

3. File sharing

The file-sharing feature allows one to transfer files between the local and remote desktop. You can move any file type you wish ranging from documents, videos or even images.

4. Document collaboration

Document collaboration tool allows remote users connected at the same time work on the same document simultaneously. You can create a document together and edit it in real-time.

5. Session recording

TeamViewer allows users to record remote sessions or even customer support sessions.

6. Session transfer

Session transfer is aimed at remote support teams. It allows remote access and support sessions to be transferred between users.

7. Switch presenter

Switch presenter is primarily applicable to presentations. It allows users to switch a presenter from one user to another between users connected simultaneously.

8. Unattended access

Unattended access allows users to completely take over a remote desktop without needing another user on the other end for configurations.

9. Conferencing features

TeamViewer is backed in with various features like audio and video conferencing to allow users to communicate via audio or video. Besides, users can also enjoy Group Live Chat feature that is available during a screen sharing session.

10. Instant messaging

Users can chat instantly and privately or within groups using the group live chat feature.

VNC VS TeamViewer (2019) Features & Pricing
Tablet and monitor on a desk @students_who_code

11. Multi-language support

TeamViewer is available in multiple languages. The platform supports a total of 30 different languages as per now.

12. Multi-user support session

This feature allows a user to invite multiple customer support technicians for problems that may need intricate work. 

13. Remote printing

With remote printing, files from a remote computer can be directly printed on a local printer.

14. Remote device monitoring

TeamViewer allows users to monitor and manage their home networks and even servers.

15. Wake up, restart and install

You can wake up a remote PC as long as it is connected on your local network. For software support teams, TeamViewer can be used to restart or even install programs on a remote PC.

16. Remote wipe

Remote desktop can be locked down or even encrypted for protection.

17. iOS screen sharing

iOS screen sharing allows customer support teams to provide help to both iPad and iPhone users remotely. iOS devices can screen share to a remote desktop or mobile devices for collaborative work or remote support.

18. 4K remote desktop access

4K or UHD displays can also be seamlessly connected remotely.

19. Secure connection

TeamViewer leverages both AES-256-bit type of encryption and two-factor authentication. Plus, all remote connections are end-to-end encrypted.

20. Cross-platform access

TeamViewer is available on multiple platforms. You can use TeamViewer on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, or iOS. Pretty much everything.

VNC VS TeamViewer (2019) Features & Pricing
A person working on assorted computers @tech.ash

Comparison: VNC vs TeamViewer

Who is this software for?

Starting with TeamViewer, the software has been wired to target both personal and business users. But we find many of the features included in TeamViewer enterprise related. You can see this right from the Content Management tools, conferencing features, and administrative features.

VNC Connect, on the other hand, has been made around personal use. But still, business tools have not been compromised that much.

TeamViewer pros

  • Easy to use and understand
  • Supports collaborate editing
  • Supports many platforms

TeamViewer cons

  • Session lags on slow bandwidth
  • Expensive for small business users

VNC pros

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Supports cross platforms
  • Cheap solution

VNC cons

  • No remote wake up functionality

Pricing: VNC vs TeamViewer

Both of these programs offer free but limited plans and full-access paid plans. VNC offers two different paid packages. For paid plans, a trial period has also been included for you to test the waters. One package dubbed professional – the cheapest – goes for $40 per year. With the professional plan, you unlock 24/7 attended & unattended access plus cloud connections. 

Bumping the price a bit high to $55 gets you on the Enterprise package that you access to direct connections on top of cloud connections, and you also get remote deployment options. VNC has also included packages dedicated to customer support teams which are priced at either $200 or $400 per technician per year.

TeamViewer offers different packages for different categories of individuals. There is a plan for business people, including corporate, enterprise-level users, and IT departments.

TeamViewer’s lowest package (Business License) costs US$22.90 per month, billed annually. The Premium license that is targeted at businesses starts at $45.90 per month, billed annually. For corporations, you will have to use the corporate license, which goes for $89.90 per month, billed annually.

User-friendliness: VNC vs TeamViewer

TeamViewer and VNC Connect are both easy to use remote desktop solutions. The setup process is pretty much easy plus the usual setup wizard makes everything look a breeze. Both solutions have an excellent interface, and you won’t experience any problems with that even for a beginner. 

VNC VS TeamViewer (2019) Features & Pricing
Laptop and a drink on the white table @workspace_setups

Integrations: VNC vs TeamViewer

TeamViewer supports many integrations. VNC Connect, on the other hand, does not support any integrations as per the time of writing.

  VNC Connect TeamViewer
ZenDesk N/A Yes
Sophos   Yes
Cherwell   Yes
Boss   Yes
Microsoft Intune   Yes
Zoho   Yes
Servicenow   Yes
IBM MaaS360   Yes
ninja   Yes
Salesforce   Yes
Freshworks   Yes
Mobile Iron   Yes
AmazonWorkSpaces   Yes
Jira Software   Yes
APPTEC360   Yes
Microsoft Dynamics 365   Yes

Support: VNC vs TeamViewer

Support is critical for any business offering software as a service (Saas). VNC offers support via email and phone. But for the phone you will have to call during either of these hours; United Kingdom (10 am-9 pm GMT), the United States between 5 am-4 pm EST, 2 am-1 pm PST while other international users can contact support between 11 am-10 pm CET. 

VNC also has a knowledge base center that provides answers to anything related to their service. You can leverage on their live chat feature available on their website.

Moving on to TeamViewer. The company offers support via phone from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00 at any local time. TeamViewer provides support via local phone numbers in various countries supported. Or submit a ticket at any time. You can also use traditional email, their dedicated forums, and even the available knowledge base center.

VNC VS TeamViewer (2019) Features & Pricing
Laptop and monitor on a table near a window @workspace_setups

Verdict: VNC vs TeamViewer

Juggling through the various features and how they compare between the two services gives us an answer to our initial question. Which service is better than the other? But hold up, before we rush into that here are a few things you should know. Firstly, your needs are essential in this case. Then platform support – but that should not be an issue here with both software offering cross-platform support. 

TeamViewer has set itself apart, supporting more platforms than VNC. You can also use TeamViewer screen sharing feature on the iPhone and iPad, which is terrific.

Then lastly your budget. 

So, we recommend that you go for VNC which offers more value for money, unlike TeamViewer. For large businesses, TeamViewer is better backed in with more business-focused functionality.

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