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With most people, sticking to the desired amount to spend for a particular activity is hard enough. When the pulls of balancing out a budget take over life, people often tend to have their spending habits dictated by circumstances than any plan of sorts. It would be where the typical budgeting application or the accounting software comes into the picture. Everyone needs to balance their incomes with their spending, and prioritize some wants over others, and so on. What is Wally?

We can say that Wally is a one-stop solution to all the budgeting needs of the individual. It tracks all the active spending under various heads and helps keep the expenses under strict control all the time. You can create different spent heads with ease, and it is possible to modify them later on. A great feature with Wally and many budgeting apps is the alerts set to notify certain milestones.

Many features of the Wally application are automated. Simultaneously, the user gets a fair amount of freedom to set alerts as to his habits. Undeniably, having a computerized system would ensure that it can work autonomously, which means that much less stuff to worry about by the user.

In the modern financial system, it is common for people to use online banking facilities and many other online applications to take care of the insurance. The current set of budgeting applications tend to make things easier for the client by linking up the different bank accounts and other accounts in other financial intermediaries.  

Using Wally 

financial app
Wally works on both Andoid and iPhone

You can install Wally both on Android and iPhone, from their respective stores. Most of the application features are free, but there is a premium service called Wally Gold. Wally Gold isis there to help those with advanced accounting needs.

The opening screen is the home tab where the expenses under various heads are entered. The typical classification includes transportation, entertainment, clothes, and more. It is possible to have subcategories within this set of primary tabs as well. It would help account for the spending by the different family members, all under a single app. There is a provision to create custom subheadings and add to the flexibility of operations of the software.

Every time you would enter, Wally would record the location of the user as well. It is possible to scan and store different store receipts as well on the app. It’s always thus relatively easy to connect all the expenditure on a convenient map.

Who best benefits from Wally? 

Many of the users of Wally tend to see it as another budgeting app. The real power of this software is when you have to set a goal so you can make savings. The application wants to try and control unnecessary expenses while be relatively lenient with regular day to day costs incurred.

Sufficient graphical output means that it’s possible to have a bird’s eye view of how money is being spent on the system. It is a hands-free feeling having to use Wally as it has sufficient automation and self-driven menus. So, the typical office-goer that does not have much time to plan out a personal budget would benefit in the long run in keeping the account on Wally. 

It doesn’t take much physical monitoring. Just a glance during the ride on the subway would give the direction where the spending is headed.

On the other hand, Wally is very simple to use and anyone who needs to balance out a budget can use it for that. Some of the advanced features make this application suited for the hard-core financial experts as well. So, in essence, there is something for everyone.

The pros of Wally 

  • It’s, for the most part, free to use. There is, of course, the premium version for those folks needing the extra features.
  • You can install Wally on the iPhone and Android devices.
  • The app saves the location where you spend. It ensures that future entries at the same area are automated to a large extent. Also, it makes it easier to separate the spending heads too.
  • It can separate the recurring expenses and bills, thus bringing better control over the finances.
  • Uploading store receipts is a straightforward affair, with a photo of them uploaded. It saves the need to keep the physical receipts as well.
  • The review section gives out a condensed view of the overall spending habits of the user. A virtual graphical representation provides a pictorial representation of the monthly spending and income.
  • It is possible to export data as CSV values, and with the iPhone, it is possible to store the data on the iCloud. This makes users assured of data security and potential recovery of stored data if the need arises.

Easy to use budgeting software 

Wally’s strong point is that there is something in it for practically everyone needing a budget keeping software. Everyone is allowed to try out the application because it’s mostly free to use. If ever there was a negative point to the software, then it has to be that the user interface is not very easy to navigate on the first attempt. It requires a little bit of familiarization.

Wally is not a complicated offering at all. Even the premium version is easily manageable for the novice user and with the expert finance personnel. Described in simple terms, Wally is a budgeting app for those on the go and has a fair bit of automation to make it so.  

Systems requirements to run the app are not that high. Any standard smartphone would be able to support the application. Wally is for those unsophisticated users who need a quick budgeting software with the easy to navigate interface to use. 

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