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Website Builders Compared: Duda VS WordPress (2019)

Website builders make it efficient to build websites without the need for programming skills. You can choose between Duda vs WordPress. Read on for more!

Website Builders Compared: Duda VS WordPress (2019)
Website builders make it efficient to build websites without the need for programming skills. You can choose between Duda vs WordPress. Read on for more!

As a small business or professional, you may want to build a website for yourself. You may be just a hobbyist or are curious about ways to make a website in case you ever need to. Worry not, my friends; this article will help you with just that.

A website can be built in many ways. You can create one from scratch using code. You can also hire a professional to do it all for you. However, building a website is much easier and more straightforward than you think. There are many popular website builders in the market today. Many are free; some are proprietary. For those who love getting hands-on, this article will take you through a comparison of Duda vs WordPress.

One thing you should know about these two platforms is that they have an abundant collection of tools and features. You can never really go wrong choosing between Duda vs WordPress. You should know that Duda powers more than 14 million websites to date, vs WordPress, which is a giant of sorts. WordPress powers a whopping 32% of all the sites on the internet.

In this article, we will review each website builder separately. We will fully explore each platform based on its unique features and capabilities. After that, we will explore the pros and cons of each builder, look at their pricing, customer service, and support.

Website Builders Compared: Duda VS WordPress (2019)
A laptop on the table

About Duda

Duda was founded in 2008 by Itai Sadan and Amir Glatt. They initially started it as a company that helps small enterprises increase their traffic by building better mobile websites for them. They quickly expanded into a responsive website design. They began to develop tools for professionals and agencies that serve small businesses.

What Duda offers is a platform for you to develop either a responsive website or a mobile website. In the mobile website mode, all you do is enter the site’s URL, and Duda grabs the website, converting it into a mobile-friendly version. In the responsive mode, you build a website of your choice using templates and adding widgets to it. 


Duda is very rich in features and capabilities. Despite this abundance of features, Duda has a straightforward interface to use. This simplicity of use is what makes Duda very competitive, especially vs WordPress. Some of the features that make Duda stand out include:

Website Builders Compared: Duda VS WordPress (2019)
Duda’s templates on their website

Design control

With this feature, you can edit your site to fit any screen size. You can also edit your website using a drag-and-drop editor. You can test out various navigation options and styles and find a responsive one. If you are quite the guru, you can access the developer mode and code your HTML and CSS. You can copy and paste elements within the editor, change and edit backgrounds, duplicate pages, and import content.

Image management

Using this capability in Duda, you can optimize your images, and edit them in the photo editor. Duda comes stacked with a vast collection of free pictures and gifs, alongside beautiful premium Shutterstock images. This feature lets you upload videos and pictures from your computer or cloud. You can also customize your sliders for better site aesthetics.

Website Builders Compared: Duda VS WordPress (2019)
A MacBook displaying food in a plate

Mobile editing

Duda lets you edit your website directly from your portable device. You can also upload images from them and edit frequently used widgets on their mobile-friendly dashboard. IF you are an agency or professional, you can white label their editor.


The Duda website builder comes preloaded with an e-commerce solution. You can build an online store with Duda. The builder has very robust integrated design systems. You can use it to create and modify product pages. E-mails, payment options, and product categories. You can also enable tax options and digital downloads.

Website Builders Compared: Duda VS WordPress (2019)
People working with assorted laptops


Duda is one of the few multilingual website builders available in the market as yet. You can integrate and edit automatic Google translations and fully customize any webpage. The beauty of it all is, your pages remain SEO friendly. SEO remains functional regardless of the language into which you translate your website.

Duda also has tools for team collaboration, allowing you to work together with other people on site-building projects.


If you have dealt with any form of site-building and design before, you have probably encountered WordPress. WordPress is perhaps the most significant website builder and Content Management System in the world, currently powering an estimated 32% of websites existing today. WordPress is open-source. Because of the vast community that consistently contributes to the development of WordPress, it is potent and feature-filled.

Quite like Duda, there are two modes in which you can operate WordPress. You can either install it on your web server or build a site online on their domain. Whether you install it on a server or build it online, the WordPress interface is the same, and you get similar features and capabilities. Here are some examples:

Website Builders Compared: Duda VS WordPress (2019)
Login page for WordPress


The initial purpose of WordPress was to blog. Therefore, if you want to build a robust blogging site, you can’t possibly do any better than WordPress. Its blogging features are incredible. You can create and update blogs with highly customizable posts. You can schedule articles, manage your blog, and promote your site with their war chest of features.


You can self-host your website if you so choose or pick from an array of hosting services. This flexibility allows you to set specific requirements for your website and find a host that can provide that. WordPress recommends Bluehost to all its users, but it still falls to what you want.

Website Builders Compared: Duda VS WordPress (2019)
WordPress plans


You can extend WordPress to perform any task or have any functionality. WordPress is a very well-integrated website builder. You get many free themes and plugins, and just about as many premium ones. With these features, you can boost the functionality of your website and enhance its design.

Gutenberg editor

Ever since the introduction of the Gutenberg Editor, you no longer have to worry about HTML or Text editing. The Gutenberg Editor lets you use blocks to build your website layout. The beauty of this editor is, it allows you to have quite a similar experience to drag-and-drop page builders. It also makes your work easier.

Website Builders Compared: Duda VS WordPress (2019)
WordPress typing page

Ease of use

Duda is, at the very least, user-friendly. It is quite challenging to say that you will have a hard time building a website on their platform. On the contrary, it is a very intuitive process. The interface of their control panel is very accessible, even to beginners. You can straight away begin building your website after signing up with Duda.

Duda ordinarily offers you a selection of beginner themes, then proceed to customize them. If you are an advanced user, Duda provides a developers’ platform where you can edit the HTML and CSS of your site. Do not forget that you can edit your website directly from any device. This feature remains a rare breath of fresh air in the site development world.

On the other hand, WordPress takes some time to understand. Their control panel is simple too, but for beginners, it can be quite overwhelming at first. You will experience a learning curve at first, especially when dealing with plugins and their functionality. Developers are much more comfortable with WordPress.

Duda, from our assessment, is much easier to use than WordPress. Duda does consider that many of its users are beginners or intermediate users. Many Duda users don’t care for extensive functionality. All they want is a site that works and is easy to manage. On the other hand, while WordPress isn’t as user-friendly as Duda, it is still easy to learn. There are plenty of tutorials available for newbies.

Website Builders Compared: Duda VS WordPress (2019)
A woman working on a laptop


With Duda, everything comes preloaded into the website builder. However, unlike WordPress, Duda is a privately owned company, and therefore, you’ll have to pay for these services. Duda has three packages. The Basic Package goes at $14 monthly, the Team Package at $22 monthly and the Agency Package at $74 monthly. Duda has a 30-day free trial period. You can open a free account and explore their features.

On the other hand, WordPress costs about $5 monthly for a personal website. The premium version of the individual website costs $8 monthly. A business website will cost you $25 monthly, and an e-commerce website costs $45. You can skip all the payments and build a free site, but it will be quite limited, unfortunately. If you choose to have your WordPress website hosted, all you have to pay for is the hosting charges. These charges can be as low as $3. However, that isn’t the whole picture. If you want to extend the functionality of your site, indeed, it may cost you to purchase premium third-party plugins. Your costs may extend up to several hundreds of dollars monthly or yearly.

In our assessment, we’d say that it entirely depends on what you want. At a surface level, however, WordPress costs less vs Duda. However, seeking better WordPress functionality will cost you more money. That in itself is not a bad thing, because, with WordPress plugins, you truly get what you pay for.

Website Builders Compared: Duda VS WordPress (2019)
Duda’s payment plans

Customer Support

WordPress is an open-source platform. This factor is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It is an advantage because WordPress has a vast support forum. Whatever issue you may face, someone before you has, and has found a solution for it. All these solutions are accessible on the forum. However, there is no dedicated customer support for the WordPress platform itself. You cannot call or e-mail anyone for help.

Duda, being a private company, definitely has a dedicated customer support system. You can schedule a call with their sales manager or e-mail them. They, however, restrict live chat and phone calls to current Duda subscribers.

Website Builders Compared: Duda VS WordPress (2019)
iMac and plant on a desk (Source: Unsplash)

Duda is quite a strong competitor for WordPress. It would even be fair to say that Duda is better than WordPress. To make this case, you’d have to look at Duda’s Customer Support and intuitive simplicity. To make a case for WordPress, you’d look at the cost and its robust community and capabilities.

All in all, we conclude that your choice should depend on what you want. Let your immediate needs determine which site builder you choose. What about us, then? We prefer WordPress because of its versatility. Duda, on the other hand, impressed us just about as much but we stuck with our guns because of how extensive WordPress functionality is, or can be. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever built a site with any of these two services.

Thank you for reading! Be sure to check out “WikiBuy vs Honey (Comparison) Saving Money Online Made Easy” to read our piece on finding the best ways to save money online by comparing these two. Check out the rest of our blogs at BestandVS. See you there!

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