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Wedding Registry Showdown: Zola VS The Knot

Wedding Registry Showdown: Zola VS The Knot

Here at Best and VS, we love weddings. There is nothing more adorable than two lovebirds wedding each other in pomp and glamor to celebrate their love. It’s just that weddings can be quite a hassle to plan and execute. The bigger the wedding, the more insane the logistics involved. What we mean is, if you consider all the activities you will perform to have a successful wedding, it can be a nightmare.

From planning a date, finding the perfect location, creating and managing a list of guests, it can be quite daunting to do it all by yourself. You may even wonder: How do you invite all your guests at once? How do you keep track of all the people who want to attend your wedding? How do you manage all the communication that may arise?

We also love to share gifts with wedding couples, too, if we can. However, not all gifts fit the occasion. Also, we might end up replicating gifts, and the newly-weds would have to deal with countless meaningless gifts. So, what can we do about this?

Enter Wedding Registries

In an ideal scenario, the wedding goes perfectly. The wedding location is set up on time. All the guests show up dressed appropriately and on time. Everything happens according to schedule, and it is all merry.

The newly-weds might also decide what gifts they want. All they do is create a massive list of what they’d love to have, and we all go ahead and buy these things for them. As we buy what’s on the list, everything gets checked off.

Well, folks, we believe this describes all the activities that a wedding registry might assist you in performing.

Let’s look at two of the largest wedding registers in America.

Zola and The Knot are the largest wedding registers. When we say big, we mean enormous. It makes perfect sense then that many couples already use these two services. We’re going to look at both Zola and The Knot. We will extensively explore five critical characteristics of both websites and let you know which one excels in each category. After that, we will give you a sound conclusion based on our assessment.

This review is going to be fun for us to do, and as usual, we enjoy having you here. Let’s get to it.


Zola is a wedding company that will do ‘anything for love.’ We believe them. Here’s why. In 2013, Shan-Lyn Ma, unsatisfied by what she called ‘impersonal and tedious’ gift-giving, decided to start her wedding registry. She teamed up with a colleague and began Zola. Since then, Zola has served more than 500,000 couples and created revenue that has exceeded $220 Million.

Zola offers a very convenient platform. When you come to their platform, you get a complete experience, all under one roof. Besides setting up a registry, you can go ahead and use some of their other features. Zola gives you a free website, guest lists, and checklists. You can even buy paper invitations from them.

How about The Knot?

The Knot

We’d be quite surprised if you haven’t heard about The Knot yet. You would know them from their digital and physical magazines. They offer very comprehensive guides on everything that concerns weddings. If you want to know more about planning, budgeting, great wedding locations, and dress styles, you can look up their magazines online.

The Knot is, however, only a small portion of their company. They are under the XO Group, which merged with Wedding Wire. From this merger, we think you get the idea of how significant this organization is.

Website Reputation and Customer Reviews

One of the things that help us make significant decisions when faced with choices is the input of our family and friends. Quite frankly, we value the opinions of other people, especially when we are about to make crucial decisions in our lives. Unsurprisingly, the same is true when you’re thinking about getting a register. After all, what are people saying about Zola? What are they saying about The Knot? Which platform treats people better? Which platform will make my work easier? Which platforms did my friends use?


In comparison to The Knot, Zola is a relatively newer entrant into the market. Do not let that fool you. Zola offers very efficient customer service. While they haven’t received a Better Business Bureau rating, they have an unofficial A+ rating.

On the Weddingwire website, they hold a decent 3.9 out of 5 ratings. Many customers are impressed by their sleek and easy-to-use website interface. They also rated the Zola Wedding Planning tool highly for its efficiency. They complained a bit about customer service and communication. Some customers even had concerns about deliveries, which were not always as expected.

The Knot

On the other hand, The Knot does just about as well as Zola on customer ratings. While they do have an official A+ rating with the BBB, Glassdoor puts them at a 3.9 out of 5 rating as well. We preferred not to get their ratings from Weddingwire because it is now part of their parent company.

It is quite interesting to observe that both Zola and The Knot have excellent reviews across all their users. Such ratings are quite exceptional, especially if you consider how demanding couples could be during weddings.

Personal Websites

Nothing says ‘We’re Getting Married!’ better than a personal wedding website. As a couple that wants to get married, you want to have a beautiful and elegant website that celebrates your relationship. You want a website that appeals to everyone you’ve invited and contains all the information concerning the wedding. Let’s look at who offers this service


When you register for services on the Zola Website, you get a free website that you can easily link to your registry. This feature is quite useful too because you also have access to hundreds of design templates which you can customize to your liking. To customize it, you may add videos, photos, and other information. You can also easily create online RSVP cards. Zola has made this feature easy to use and design, and the link it has to your registry is seamless.

There is a slight downside to using Zola’s free website. There is no social media integration. It is quite a bummer too because it means that you will have to copy and paste your links to social media yourself.

The Knot

The Knot has a very marginal advantage over Zola here. You can highly customize your wedding Website on The Knot too. Much like Zola, you have hundreds of templates to choose from. You get more customization options with The Knot than you do with Zola. Interestingly, you can customize your URL, and you can access Instant RSVP quite faster on The Knot website.

The most impressive features we noted were these two: Your guests can book into hotels and select meals they like directly from your website. Also, the site sets your paper invitations up to match the design of your website.

If you are going to set up a wedding website, you want one that looks as close to perfect as possible. This comparison is quite tough for us because there is so little to separate these two companies. Let’s move on to more telling comparison criteria.

Organizational Tools

We all love keeping time and ensuring that everything we do is according to a precise plan. Weddings are no different. Both Zola and The Knot have various organizational tools that you can use to plan your wedding and ensure that everything goes smoothly on your special day. What tools are these?

Let’s look at Zola.


Zola understands that wedding planning can be a daunting task for many couples. Therefore, they have developed tools that help you plan your wedding and track various metrics better. Zola also lets you control all these factors from one central location. It is quite impressive too because you do not have to worry about getting redirected to other websites or apps to get the job done.

Zola has a gift tracker that allows you to track all the gifts you have received from your guests. If you have purchased them from external locations, you can view their tracking information and find out where they are at any time.

Zola also has a guest tracker, which keeps tabs on all your guests and their statuses. You can see who will be attending, who’s response is still pending and who’s coming. Additionally, you can create a wedding checklist of all the resources and items that you will require to make your day a success. Upon acquiring an item, all you have to do is click on it, and it gets checked off the list.

Let’s look at The Knot.

The Knot

The Knot also has gift tracking tools. At this point, you must understand that when you’re dealing with the best in the field, you get the best services. The Knot, much like Zola, will track your gifts straight from the location they were purchased to when they arrive at your wedding location.

The Knot also offers a checklist and Wedding Timeline tool. The checklist operates much like Zola’s. There is no considerable difference. As for the wedding timeline, it helps you monitor how much time you have left before the wedding. This monitor gives you an idea of whether you are on schedule, ahead of it, or behind it. This way, you can adjust the pace of your activities to match the timeline so that you can meet all your deadlines before the big day.

You also have a guest list tool that helps you track your guests through their RSVPs. All these details are centralized, and you can access them from a single location.

A stand-out tool offered by The Knot is the Budgeter tool. It helps you keep track of all the money you’re spending. This tool is quite vital for your wedding overall because it keeps you within the limits of your budget. With this tool, you are quite unlikely to exceed your budget unwittingly.

As far as organizational tools go, we believe that it is essential to manage your budget as well. While Zola has many useful tools, they lack a budgeting tool. The budgeting tool may not be very critical to your wedding planning process, but it helps a lot.

Registry Items

Now to the good stuff. There is no better registry than one which always has more to offer. We want a registry that has countless collections of items, best prices, options, and brands. At this point, we could go either way because both Zola and The Knot have taken into consideration everything it takes to make them the best wedding registries. Let’s begin with Zola.


If you want to create a registry with Zola, you will first need to sign up with their platform. You won’t get much of a preview otherwise. Once you’ve logged in, the world is pretty much yours for the taking.

We will attempt to list a few items in each category we explore, but by no means are these lists conclusive.

  • Bed and Bath
    Zola has a wide selection of mattresses, accessories, bedding, decorative pillows and towels. They also have a collection of curtains from which you can pick your favorite design.
  • Kitchen Essentials
    What’s a registry without these? Zola has incredible collections of knife sets, cookware, skillets, pans pots, kitchen appliances, and other utensils.
  • Furniture
    Zola has an impressive catalog of furniture. If you want to purchase furniture for your living room, your bedroom or outdoors, you can find it on their registry.
  • Experiences
    Zola also lets you purchase everything from gift cards to AirBNB stays, donations to charities and other organizations, as well as trips to locations and outdoor activities like hiking or skydiving
  • Outdoor and Weekend
    Surprisingly, Zola also has products you can use for your weekends and getaways. They have camping and hiking gear, pet supplies, hobby products for the beach, picnic and gardening activities as well as electronics and musical equipment.

The Knot

Setting up a registry with The Knot is as straightforward for you as it would be for Zola. You will also need to open an account on their website and log into it before you can have full access to their registry items.

As listed above, The Knot pretty much has a similar registry to that of Zola. Almost any item you will find on the Zola website is available on The Knot. These items include all the categories you will find on Zola.

You should also note that The Knot is quite heavy on advertising branded items. The Knot prefers that you link specific brands to your registry rather than use Zola’s approach of simply listing items. This can be quite a problem if you are brand-neutral, or simply don’t want the hassle of picking all the items from different brands on your own.

You may want to pick items from brands that you already recognize or like. If not so, you will find that The Knot is quite a frustrating place to create your registry.

Shipping and Fees

Shipping is quite an essential factor. As a customer, you want to know how the delivery and shipping processes are, how much they cost, and what benefits they create for you.


Zola has quite an efficient shipping process. When you shop at their registry, you get free ground shipping all over the United States. You also get to choose when your items get shipped to you, and you get free return shipping within 90 days. You can only return your items if they are unopened.

Zola charges you a 2.5% fee on all your credit card purchases. Except for experience cards, you can choose to pay the fees yourself or let your guests pay for it. Setting up the website and registry all come free of charge, including services like tracking gifts.

The Knot

The Knot will charge you a 2.5% fee on all your purchases as well. Unlike Zola, however, you will have to absorb the cost yourself. You cannot pass it on to your guests. As for shipping, you will get a mixed bag of outcomes. Because The Knot is not directly responsible for shipping. You will have to contact each affiliate partner for shipping details.

Many of them already offer some form of free shipping, and it may not be a problem. However, it would be much easier if everyone could simply control shipping from one area.

Final Word

We have seen much of what both Zola and The Knot have to offer. Before we can add anything else, we must first say that we were thoroughly impressed by both platforms. Another thing we want you to note is that both platforms are quite robust and they offer excellent services. We are not the only ones to attest to this. You will find incredible amounts of social proof and positive reviews for their services.

There isn’t much we could use to tell these two platforms apart. There is no point in trying that. Instead, we will recommend both. Depending on the unique needs of your situation, we will recommend either Zola or The Knot

Pick Zola if you are looking for non-traditional gifts. Pick them if you also want a centralized registry with many brands and companies. If you love supporting small businesses, then Zola is also for you.

Pick The Knot if you want a professional web design. If you wish to gifts from a few major brands, The Knot will serve you perfectly. If you need better organizational tools, then go for The Knot.

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