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What is Handy Pro

Handy Pro app

Handy Pro is a practical application that contributes home cleaning and maintenance services to homeowners willing to pay for the additional support.

Created in 2012, it is the application based on shows encountered an explosive improvement. Additionally, Handy Pro connected tens of thousands of home workers and handypersons with customers in dozens of cities.

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What is Handy Pro app?

In addition to cleaning and furniture delegation work furthermore, Handy Pro gives other extraordinary services. Including:

– Moving assistance.

– Electrical work.

– Home renovation work.

– Frame

– Plumbing support.

– Repairing of air conditioning/oven.

How does it work?

Here’s how it works: Clients submit requests for jobs they require to perform. Handy Pro matches them with an experienced person to get the job accomplished. It is as easy as that.

But there are some aspects you require to do to initiate.

– You must apply to work for Handy. The application protocol adds distributing your essential information and evaluating your credentials. You must also give valid identification and be able to pass a background examination.

– As long as it fulfills all the prerequisites, it must be approved to begin claiming and finishing jobs.

– Once authorized to operate for Handy, you will generate as an autonomous contractor.

– Handy will not employ you: the program will connect you directly with clients who want to contact you for their services.

– As a Handy professional, you will work exclusively through the app. The Handy app will deliver you a list of all open jobs accessible in your region. You can also offer the tasks you want to do. The Handy Pro application is functional for Android and iPhone users.

– The price of the work is communicated in advance. That makes it easy to design your schedule accordingly and know exactly how much you will demand before deciding to do the job.

– Customers can also specifically nominate you by looking and clicking on your profile page.

– When it is time to perform the job, you should move to the established direction as suggested on the job poster. Please note that Handy pro penalty you a fine if you are late. Make sure you arrive on time! Moreover, not showing up is a quick way to let your grades drop.

– Once you have performed the work and the client is delighted with the result, you should mark the task as finalized in the application. You will receive the payment, and your customer will rate it.

What are the conditions to work with Handy Pro?

Handy Pro is the contracting side of the Handy app. This is how you can begin a lucrative corporation by financing owners with their demands.

The terms of Handy Pro establish are the following:

– Have satisfying experience in cleaning or manual work.

– Be authorized to work in the country you request to work.

– Have outstanding customer service skills.

Everything is legal and formal!

Handy Pro is not an employer but a relative network for autonomous contractors to connect with homeowners. In terms of locations, Handy Pro is presently accessible in dozens of major US cities and distinguished cities in Canada and the UK. You can investigate all the public Handy positions to see if you can earn money in your community.

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How much does it pay in Handy?

Handy pro declarations on his home page can charge up to $ 22 / hour/job as a cleaner or $ 45 / hour/job as a handyman.

The program’s best specialists also charge more than $ 1,000 per week.

The type of work you operate can influence the rate. If it’s extended, the hourly rate will be insignificant.

How much money do you make with Handy Pro?

Preparing the furniture is manageable.

Once you’ve made a few IKEA pieces, it will find itself approximately related to Handy’s Wayfair furniture. Wayfair generally transported flat-packed, making it easy for people to comprehend the assembly instructions and subtract the required hardware to maintain everything together.

Over time the assembly will get faster and completed as Handy’s jobs. Many activities are identical because they use the same category of fasteners, regardless of the kind of furniture.

In the case of roof fan replacement, it will require electrical knowledge, so in this category of work, you will need previous experience because the surprises can be alarming.

What is the popular opinion of Handy?

Working for Handy can turn out to be much more beneficial than you might determine.

Of course, you won’t get into this site expecting to receive thousands of additional dividends each month, but you will expect around $ 40- $ 60 per week. You may find that payments can be unpredictable, insinuating what you were supposed to obtain on a smooth weekend will turn into an extra $ 222.

Pros and cons

– Almost every characteristic of working for Handy is noticeable. You will not run into any technical complications.

– The major transformation they can make would be to improve the reviews they require from Handy customers.

– Job reviews are exclusively at the preference of the client.

– You will only be associated with a client to chat after their work request approval, and there are also penalties for canceling a perform on. Also, the closer you are to the actual job, the more critical the disadvantage.

Is Handy referred for other minor scammers?

Using Handy Pro is highly suggested if you don’t mind working with your hands for an hour or two at a time.

This work commonly doesn’t expect a lot of skill either, just following instructions correctly.

Even something as easy as categorizing stuff in boxes to allow someone to move can pay decently. Likewise, if you comprehend a trade, you would say that Handy is basic.

Tips for Contractors

If you have information about this kind of work, you should look for something that is part of your abilities.

The suggestions are to leave the clients’ information if you also perform other labor work classifications. You can also have a friendly chat with the client and let you know other businesses become a conversation.

Other apps like Handy

If you like the concept of ​​adding money like Handy Pro, some Handy alternatives to evaluate include:

– Bug.

– Jobble.

– Tidy (for cleaners)

– Takl.

– Wonolo (for concerts on-demand on the same day).

– TaskRabbit.

– Next to.

It is unlikely whether these Handy Pro varieties are a substitute for daily work. But they can significantly affect any bills or monthly expenses!

Is Handy Pro worth it?

Handy Pro is an excellent idea if you have spare time at your disposal and a pretty efficient person.

Handy Pro is a legitimate site. There is plenty of payment evidence online.

Eventually, this perception is not for everyone. But it is a reasonable tactic to improve monthly income.


Remember, what could have been a typical weekend will turn into more than $ 200 of extra income, which is a very nice amount!

There will always be jobs that people are willing to outsource, and it can generate a lot of money if you know where to look for.