Wikibuy vs Ebates

Wikibuy vs Ebates

Introduction to Wikibuy vs Ebates

In the Wikibuy vs Ebates article, we compare the two to help you choose the best one for yourself. Read on and learn more! But, firstly, let’s get into the cashback system itself.

Cashback system

If ever there’s been a sea change in the way people shop around for things, then it has been the introduction of online shopping. More than ever, it’s possible to get just about anything on online shopping merchants. This brings to a terrific promotional feature on online merchant sites, and that’s the cashback applications or apps.

Discount or cashback software has a lot of conveniences around them. Firstly, they are relatively easy to use and handy as well. People have been unshackled from the usual store timings when shopping online, and the use of cashback platforms has grown to take this factor into account.

It would be worth noting that you can’t make money out of using a cashback app. Mostly, cashback platforms get a commission for customers they bring to participating merchant sites. The customer gets a part of the commison.

In the Wikibuy vs Ebates article, we compare the two to help you choose the best one for yourself. Read on and learn more!
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What is the Wikibuy app?

Promoted by Capital One bank, the Wikibuy app is one of the most popular shopping apps present in the market. It typically works as a web browser extension that identifies discount coupon codes applied to the purchase at the time of check out. There is an additional credits system that allows points for purchase on the site with Wikibuy. This does mean creating a user account, and it is a simple and clear affair as far as possible.

Getting to use Wikibuy

  1. Starting an account: You just need to visit the Wikibuy website and following on with the Google button or the Facebook button. Once the account has been registered, the customer is ready to go.
  2. Shipping information: If you want the best deals on Wikibuy you need to enter the shipping details. This enables the application to calculate the shipping cost when shopping and automatically adjusts the extra cost to the cost price to give the net price. It is a simple method to compute the least price, including shipping, to pay for any product.
  3. Amazon Prime Member: There is a provision on the Wikibuy platform to indicate if the shopper is a member of the Amazon Prime program. This ensures that the rates for prime shoppers are applied in each case, thus adding to the versatility of the program.
  4. Getting the plugin: The web browser plugin could be the most convenient feature for the discount coupon matching application. It tends to work in the background to match up the most advantageous of coupon codes all the time, leaving the shopper with the lowest cost price.
  5. Searching for products: This could not be any easier, needing to tap the Wikibuy logo, and a conversation window opens up. Entering the item in would bring up the best quotes possible for the particular product across the participating merchant sites.

The Wikibuy platform remains an easy-to-use application, principally because it works as a plugin. Thus, the customer gets to know the offers and price changes via a pop-up message that is unmistakably noticeable.

What is Ebates?

Ebates, commonly known as its new avatar, Rakuten, is a cashback program that works as an affiliate. The platform refers customers to various participating merchant sites by working on the most cash discount the online store gives to the user. Ebates get’s a commission and the part of it is paid gets the user.

Getting to use Ebates

  1. Adding the plugin: One of the most convenient ways to use Ebates is to add the plugin to the browser you are using. Ebates is supported by the most commonly used browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. As a browser extension, Ebates runs in the background to get the customer the best deals possible across websites.
  2. Using the website: For those folks who insist on being presented with the full offering, it’s possible to shop around using Ebates by visiting the cashback app’s website. The working is similar to the plugin and mainly compares the prices across different participating merchant sites. But, if you just use the website, it avoids the pop-up messaging that can be irritable for many customers.
  3. Mobile app: When shopping online using the mobile application, it’s possible to have a range of products all offered at the lowest possible prices. It is available for both iOS and Android systems. Using the mobile app could be well worth the trouble as many mobile-centric offers would get passed by otherwise.

The above three mentioned methods to get to use Ebates only add to the application’s versatility. Also, the customer is always at the center of the working of the app with the choices that he gets to exercise.

Wikibuy vs Ebates – Which one is better?

Both Ebates and Wikibuy have ardent followers who swear by each of the platforms. When it comes to saving more money, it mainly depends on the kind of shopping that the customer does typically. The large-format stores typically support Wikibuy more, and it helps to have Capital One Bank as the too. So, chances of saving more money are to Wikibuy, but Ebates offers customers the flexibility that few other cashback platforms offer.

Cashback experience

A pleasant experience while shopping at merchant sites is one factor that attracts a lot of customers to the same. The use and application of the cashback platforms need to provide the customer more choice and having a memorable shopping experience to count on. In a way, it is a method to gain attention from the customer base more than anything else.

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