What is WizeHire?

In the ever-changing job market, recruitment is an ongoing process than a one-off event. Both HR agencies and companies are on the lookout for good talented people to employ.  However, the a pressing need to find a more qualified and experienced workforce. They would have a telling effect on the present business’s performance most of the time. Productive time is being channelized to activities that you could have put off. It is where a good recruitment software like WizeHire comes into the picture.

WizeHire – a perfect platform for your hiring process

It is possible to automate a large part of the recruitment with the help of recruitment software. This would leave the management with more time to spend on other activities associated with the businesses. The software automates the processes. It enables a company to reach out to more qualified persons for a particular opening. Some of the other advantages of using an HR software application are listed below.

Increased Speed  

A factor that is so telling with recruiting and handling manpower requirements is that the agencies need to be as fast as possible. Otherwise, it is quite possible that the advantage would pass on to another competing agency when it comes to attracting the best talent. This is where automating a manpower agency works to the benefit of the business. Getting to do all the recruitment process also slows down the process, which is what many employees also find frustrating to handle. 


When speaking of a recruiting agency, it is never a single man operation. Thus, communication and collaboration are necessary between the personnel. With an automated process in place, touch would be comfortable between the constituents of the agency. This makes for a smoother process. More importantly, a more transparent procedure as well. Without software taking over, it is easy to find people repeating tasks already done by another. That in effect is wasting time and resources. 

Removing Paperwork

In a complex set of procedures, there are often a lot of inter-office memos and communications. With automated software taking over recruitment, this sort of elaborate labyrinth of paperwork is made redundant. Thus, saving on time and resources too for the most parts. Just using software to go through the resumes of potential candidates itself would save a lot of time and effort. It is possible to screen out the applicants at the first go itself. 

Features of WizeHire 

Every one of the market software would have some defining aspect to it and more so in the performance. It is the case with WizeHire as well. Some of the unique features of the recruiting software areas are discussed below.

Applicant Tracking 

The applicant tracking starts with the calling for applications for a certain position. It is carried out automatically by the software once a vacancy has been communicated to the agencies. Posting jobs on various sites and job boards takes place in quick succession as though the action has been carried out in a single stroke. Simultaneously, the internal databases are searched for the possible match of people already stored there.

One of the positive sides of tracking applicants with the help of software like WizeHire is that it is possible to apply a set of filters to screen out the possible unsuitable candidates. This not only saves time in the process but also helps with the orderly progress of work.

Human Resource 

When people refer to human resources in recruitment software, it is the process of application tracking targeted. Each of the applicants who enter the system, either from the internal database or outside are kept track. They wait until the final call letters are delivered, and replies solicited. We must stress that calling for the applications and the final sending out of the call letters goes through several steps. The automated processes tend to keep every factor tied up and compact as well.

Pre-employment Testing

This is nothing but the interviews and testing that the employer carries out to find the candidate’s suitability for the post being considered. Here too, WizeHire applies a set of automated processes that aim to get and find the most suitable candidates possible. Results from each stage of a possible multi-stage process are always tabulated and made accessible to the agency. This enables the manpower consultant to know the status of each applicant at any given point of time.


The internal HR tends to take care of most of the recruiting process. The role of WizeHire is to support the working of the agency. Also important is the Candidate Resource Management that is used to handle the shortlisting of candidates and the initial screening. With the vast number of applicants to each vacancy, it is typically not possible to have a manual screening at most times. Recruiting also takes care of the final assessment of the potential candidates. In case a rank list has to be prepared, you can again do it here.

Why use WizeHire?

WizeHire offers a very easy to use software that is to be noted for its simple user interface. It provides tremendous value to the client as you can access many job boards in a single go. Most often, the applicants’ personality has been put to the assessment with the recruitment software. Cost-wise, pricing starts at under $200 per month. WizeHire does not give out a trial time with the software.

Being cloud-based, you can access the recruitment platform from practically anywhere on earth and at any operating time. Its 24×7 support ensures that people are not without help at any time. There are live webinars organized from time to time that allow the participants to hone their software skills. It is in its class one of the most affordable recruitment software available.