You Need a Budget App

You Need a Budget App

What is the You Need a Budget app and how it works?

The You Need a Budget app aims to inculcate a sense of financial discipline in the users. With the app, you can manage the finances while also getting to learn about and better understand life’s monetary side. Like the typical budgeting software, You Need a Budget alerts the user to the application’s key milestones. The app takes over things like bills and premiums that need to be paid on time.

In the app, alerts are created most of the time automatically. For instance, if a huge withdrawal occurs in one of your bank accounts, the software would issue an alert even if the app is not currently running on the phone. By alerting the customer to impending credit card payments, it’s always possible for them to have a good credit rating. It increases the overall credibility of the customer and with it the overall financial health of the individual.

Another typical budgeting app feature is the alert the customer gets when account balance is close to the minimum. This avoids hefty fines and maintains the fiscal prudence of the customer. There is a possibility to have a range of alerts to notify the user of some custom happenings. For example, the due date on insurance premia.

Overview of the You Need a Budget app

  • The philosophy: When most apps are keen on maximizing returns, You Need a Budget aims at inculcating fiscal prudence on the user. This approach has brought many admirers to be users, and it does help form a customer base in the long run.
  • Flexible: It’s possible to set custom reminders while at the same time keeping the advantages of an automated system in use. The app allows for the addition of more than a single checking account and multiple bank accounts. Many users are attracted to the software for the flexibility on offer so that custom financial solutions can be rendered.
  • Security: There is no stressing the importance of security to a financial application. Many programs and sites are controlled with the app, and for that reason, it’s best to choose the most secure app. The You Need a Budget app is one of them. It deploys some of the most encrypted communication lines to participating sites and thus forms an impregnable connection.
  • Reports: The fact is that most financial planning needs reports to work with. This is where the You Need a Budget scores over the rivals. It’s possible to have custom reports and routine weekly and monthly reports that point to the individual’s overall financial health.
  • Goals: As with most other budgeting apps, it is possible to set a range of savings goals in the app. Thus, the customer can reduce debts or set aside an emergency fund all in a time-based manner.
  • Tutorials: With You Need a Budget, some regular tutorials and webinars train the customer to manage their finances better. The app does more than just provide financial independence and gets the user to know about the finer aspects of budget balancing.
  • User experience: Undeniably, You Need a Budget would be one of the most well-received apps currently in use. Few people have found fault with the people’s responsiveness behind the app, be it for resolving issues with the usage or need more information on some of the features.

Thus, we see that the You Need a Budget app would be what every individual wants to use and for the reasons listed above. In the end, this is a terrific piece of technology for its predictive nature to managing finances.


Of course, some apps cost absolutely nothing to use, but with You Need a Budget, the students can have a fee waiver most of the time. Ordinary users would have to pay $5 per month or $50 for a year to access it. There is a 34-day free trial offer that allows the customer to try out the app for slightly more than a month. Typically it takes people just a month to realize the potential of the app. This way, you get a few more days after the first month to enjoy the app.

The cost of the software would mean that there are no promotional advertisements displayed. This is a major affair with many competing apps as they would promote deposits and savings products that have a higher yield than the ones you already have in use.

Similarly, there is the freemium model. You can get a free version of the app, but you don’t have access to premium products like tutorials.


When people insist on using the most secure apps, there is no reason to worry about the finances. With most budgeting software, the customer needs to link up the various checking accounts and other accounts. For example, the bank account and insurance accounts. If the site can be compromised and details of the customer get into others’ hands, it will not refelect good on the financial app.

With the You Need a Budget app, you can rest assured that you picked the right platform. It keeps customers safe with a data encryption system.

Affordable budgeting app

You Need a Budget is one of the most affordable budgeting apps in use. It’s offered as a website, and an iOS and Android phone interface too. Most people who have used the app point to the user-friendly nature of the application and simplicity.